For food lovers, Italy is a gastronome’s paradise without equals. Each Regions offers an immense variety of typical dishes, prepared with genuine products that often earn important certifications for trademark protection and quality (e.g. Campanian Mozzarella Cheese di Bufala, Genoese Basil , Parmesan Cheese, and many more). Discover recipe secrets of the Mama’s chef, starting with food shopping. Learn how to choose the best local produce and prepare typical local dishes: you will have a workstation equipped with everything you need and, at the end of the lesson, you will taste the dishes you have prepared whith a great glass of local wine. Depending on the number of participants, the lessons will take place at the home of the Mama’s chef or in appropriate locations. Please note, that any request for registration for lessons requires a minimum of four people. We arrange Pizza and Pasta making for Kids with parents !

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