Good food is just around the corner!

A true jewel of European cities, Rome, still shines with all the glory of its illustrious past. Visitors get together to Italy‘s capital from all four corners of the globe to experience the history, culture, and, of course, world-famous food of Rome. There’s truly no better place to discover the real Italy than in the outstanding markets of its capital. Taste and Shopping for the best quality, freshest, most delicious and nutritious Farm-Fresh Food around is easy.Enjoy the Farmer’s Market atmosphere, Fresh Organic Produce and Meats, Gluten-free options, Typical Bread, Home made Pizza, Raw Milk, Local Honey, Gourmet Local Cheese, Organic Rotisserie Chicken, & more.

Join our daily special Tour LOCAL MARKETS FRESH FOOD TOUR. This tour is suggested for Families with kids.