Thanks to this fantastic union that generation after generation has passed down the tradition of countless sagre, or feasts that celebrate the typical food and beverage products of a territory. These feasts populate the entire Peninsula, above all during summertime. The warm season brings music, the delicious smells from a grill, and the perfume of a variety of wines, from the Alpine Mountains to the Island of Sicily.

Add to this the charm of town centers criss-crossed with quaint streets, and small medieval villages where the crisp, fresh air mixes with the aromas that recall an ancient time and atmosphere.This is the beauty of the sagra: the discovery of Italy’s minuscule but beautiful borgos whose streets conceal the secret of the feast, the happy crowd, the tastings and gatherings – that is, until the annual occasion’s time has arrived.

No doubt, pizza is one of the world’s preferred meals, but above all, it is one of Italy’s favorites of all its national dishes. Indeed, approximately one million pizzas are consumed in Italy everyday, and at least one of the innumerable pizzerias throughout the Bel Paese are an obligatory stop for the country’s visitors. Many typical activities along Italy about Pizza lovers!

Going to Montepulciano town on the last Sunday in August for the annual Bravìo delle Botti, a gruelling spectacle in which muscular men attempt to push heavy wine barrels up the cobblestone streets.Those in the know often prefer to head for the more quite Festa di San Lorenzo in nearby Valiano in early to mid-August for flower displays and food. But the picturesque Montepulciano area, dotted with its 75-plus wineries, is a joy to visit at any time, from spring to autumn.Tuscans celebrate this fruitful season with a variety of gastronomic festivals, including the Castagne e Vino in Piazza (chestnuts and wine) in Radicondoli, near Siena, and the Sagra del Fungo e della Castagna (mushrooms and chestnuts) in Vivo d’Orcia in the Valdorcia.

You could make a road-trip out of this and head north to visit Alba’s famous truffle market during Piedmont’s truffle-hunting season. The Food and Wine Exhibition called AlbaQualità: more than a hundred stalls where tourists can not only buy, but also simply enjoy all the typical flavours from the areas of Langa and Roero: from home made pastry to cheese and cured meats. However, the fine wines of this magnificent land will be the real protagonists of the event: Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, Favorita, Arneis and Moscato, all fine wines that have made the Langhe area famous at international level.

In all of Italy, sagre that primarily show off the typical enogastronomic products of a geographical setting take place one after another, day after day, in the timeframe between spring and the beginning of fall.

In our country there are more than 1000 typical shows & sagre, are you ready to discover best shows with Mama?